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What’s unique about the REV'IT! Spectrum ladies gloves, aside from their outspoken design signature, is their fit and feel. This unprecedented level of comfort is achieved by combining a unique mixture of materials. As the palm is made entirely out of abrasion, tear, and cut-resistant leather, the upper hand of the glove is constructed of neoprene and softshell, which provides not just a snug feel but also great freedom of movement.

Whether you ride a scooter, BMX, or a naked sportbike, there will be hardly anyone who will not fall head over heels in love with the comfort of these gloves once you’ve tried them on. At first glance, this might look like a basic glove but looks are deceiving. This is a fully certified pair of motorcycle gloves, ready to take on any journey. Although they’re not 100% waterproof, the softshell fabric will shed off rain, keeping your hands dry and comfortable most of the time. All the protection features are neatly integrated on the inside of the glove. You hardly see it, but it’s all there. There’s an injected knuckle protector, an extra layer of PWR|Shield (the fabric technology that redefined the standard in motorcycle denim) underneath the leather palm, and Temperfoam® material underneath the knuckle, at the fingers, palm, and thumb. Thanks to the Connect Finger Tip, you will never have to take your gloves off again to make use of your phone or navigation system, as you can easily operate with your index finger.

The REV'IT! Spectrum gloves are a strong and attractive choice for three-season riding, and possibly four seasons in urban areas.


      Gloves Spectrum

      Softshell knuckle

      They also allow for full freedom of movement while providing the peace of mind riders are looking for when on the open road. Up-to-spec in terms of CE requirements, they’re a perfect alternative to those who don’t want a hard shell knuckle protector.

      Connect Finger Tip

      The Connect Finger Tip allows you to do exactly this. Strategically placed on the pointer fingers, set/modify your navigation routes, text friends your location, switch up your playlist, or use it for whatever you need. This feature is especially handy during cold-weather riding when temperatures can drop at moment’s notice and your hands take the hit. Stay warm, comfortable, and in control wherever you find yourself. 

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