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Protect your neck with the REV'IT! Segur neck brace. Wearing a neck brace has been proven to significantly reduce neck injuries by protecting the cervical vertebrae of the spine against the force of an impact. Our Segur neck brace helps to reduce possible neck injuries caused by hyper-flexion, hyper-extension, axial load, shear load, lateral hyper-flexion, and whiplash by limiting rotation and transferring excessive load from the neck to the rest of the body. Its lightweight and versatile construction comes with various useful features for rider security and protection. It is fully adjustable, and to ensure maximum comfort, the size of the neck brace can be changed with the side adjustment system. The lateral profile and chest fitment can be adjusted by mounting the supplied EVA foam padding. Because of the low-profile back section, it doesn’t interfere with the rider’s helmet. The Segur can also be easily opened and closed with the high-quality metal front fastening system. The adjustable back column of this neck brace is foldable so takes up much less space when not in use. The neck brace comes with a storage bag for its protection when it’s not being used or for during transport. The Segur conveniently attaches to a selection of REV'IT! jackets with the dedicated connection kit that comes in the package. Or it can be worn on its own with the supplied harness. Stay safe out there!


  • Adjustability
    • Adjustable into 4 sizes for chest width of 80 - 125 cm
    • Integrated size regulation system adjustable into 4 sizes
  • Pockets
    • None
  • Elastomeric polypropylene (hinges FHD technology)
  • EVA foam to adjust the height position of the neck brace
  • Neck brace connection kit to connect to REV’IT! jackets
  • POM mechanism and moving system
  • Tool kit to adjust to the correct user size

    Outer shell material

    • Fibreglass reinforced polyamide
    • Vinyl with decoration reinforced anti-scratch coating


    • No reflection

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