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Metzeler Roadtec 01 Motorcycle Tire

The Metzeler Roadtec 01 Motorcycle Tire features enhanced grip on wet and low friction surfaces, increased mileage, and a high degree of adaptability for today's sport-touring machines and all conditions.

Product Details: 

  • Higher wear resistance, obtained through a revised land/sea ratio on the rear tire in conjunction with the new tread design, ensures product performance consistency allowing users to enjoy the tire for its entire service life.
  • Increased grip on wet roads, with a focus on low friction surfaces (such as city streets and worn tarmac, low temperature), thanks to radial position of grooves.
  • Rebalanced tire stiffness to allow a better adherence of the rubber with the tarmac micro-asperities, increasing mechanical grip even on lower friction surfaces.
  • Increased mileage vs. Roadtec Z8 Interact (up to 10%), thanks to a different footprint shape (larger and shorter) which also enhances motorcycle handling
  • Metzeler multi-compound rear on selected sizes, with increased harmonization between the different compounds
  • Belt and carcass tension parameters upgraded to increase stability on rear tires during strong braking.
  • HWM (Heavy Weight Motorcycles)special version available to improve performance on motorcycles requiring them.
  • Tubeless (TL).
  • W rated for speeds of 168+ MPH

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