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The Macna Airpack is a full gauntlet glove made of Premium Cow & Goat leather armored with carbon fiber knuckle protection. 

Product Details:

  • Premium full-grain leather. Soft and supple yet durable.
  • Cow Leather, Goat Leather armored full gauntlet riding glove.
  • Pre-curved motorcycle-riding specific design.
  • R.I.S.C Carbon-fibre finished knuckle protector & Palm Protector for additional protection.
  • TPR Finger Protection for additional protection.
  • Double layer on joints for lasting durability.
  • Three-way straps for secure and firm fastening and fit.
  • ERGO Thumb and Touch Tip for using mobile even when gloved.
  • C.E Certified Gloves

* Not designed for use in the rain.


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