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Givi Monokey Outback 37 Liter Aluminum Side Cases

The Outback is the first case from GIVI made entirely of aluminum. Outback has all the features to give a comfortable driving experience and unprecedented ease of use. They are designed with excellent resistance to shocks and the stresses of off-road driving. They are reinforced by the aluminum frame and an innovative Monokey Side Cam system designed for this innovative case. The Outback ensures safety, comfort, and great practicality.

A single key operates the systems for opening and closing of the case as well as the mechanism for hooking and unhooking them from the motorcycle. The option to completely remove the cover makes the case fully accessible. The Outback fits with a variety of accessories indispensable to riders who aim to fully enjoy great adventures in motion. Equipped with the new Monokey Cam Side system in die-cast aluminum with inserts reinforced in technopolymer. Givi Outback side cases use the specific Givi Monokey Cam tubular side, case holders.

Product Details:

  • Volume: 37 Liter
  • Max Load: 22 Lbs

Note: Bike specific Givi Side Case Racks For Trekker Outback Side Cases are sold separately.

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