TREKKER ALASKA 36 & TREKKER II 35: comfort and design for the new GIVI aluminum cases!

TREKKER ALASKA 36 & TREKKER II 35: comfort and design for the new GIVI aluminum cases! - Motoworld Philippines

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For motorcycle enthusiasts who love comfort but don't want to sacrifice design, GIVI has created a new line of aluminum cases, the TREKKER ALASKA 36 LTR and the TREKKER II 35 LTR, designed to guarantee maximum security and comfort.

The GIVI TREKKER ALASKA is a pair of 36-liter capacity side cases that either has a natural aluminum or black painted aluminum finish, with different strengths: 

  • The three (3) different types of materials chosen are the highest quality: mechanically finished natural aluminum, stainless steel hinges, and reinforced technopolymer for the profiles and belt-strap loops.
  • Second, the hook system (Patent Pending) allows the case to tilt without completely disengaging from the support frame. It is specifically designed to avoid accidentally dropping a case and facilitate loading and unloading, even when there is a bulky central top case that could make it difficult to access and open the lid. The lid can be opened, thanks to the robustness and structure of the rotation hinge completely, without the use of straps or retention cables that could produce a "guillotine" effect.
  • Third, the MONOKEY® fixing system has a single lock that uses the same key to open the case and to detach it from the frame.

The GIVI Trekker Alaska aluminum side cases are entirely made in Italy, and the design is new and patented. They have four belt-strap loops integrated into the structure of the lid, set into the contoured lid to give an elegant shape to the whole case.

Another latest Trekker range from GIVI is the new TREKKER II 35 features bold modern styling and fills the gap between the smaller 33-liter and larger 46-liter models.

Also made in Italy, the GIVI TREKKER II 35 offers a 35-liter case that is also available as a pair (TRK35PACK2), with either anodized aluminum or painted black finish. In all its versions, this line is equipped with the MONOKEY® fixing system that can be mounted both as a top case (compatible with Monokey® plates) or as a side case.

Combining the best of both worlds of adventure riding or touring, GIVI's Trekker range of cases are constructed from a rugged plastic body, with an aluminum outer shield for stunning looks and extra protection. TRK cases attach using GIVI's patented and time-proven MONOKEY® system, which allows the use of a single key for opening the lid, as well as for releasing the case from its mounting plate.

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