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The season of giving is officially here, so does the perfect time to give your friend and yourself a reward for a whole year of hard work. Here’s the Motoworld Year-End Wishlist to guide you in choosing the best holiday present for your fellow riders or even for yourself. Extend your love by giving them the best motorcycle gear, apparel and accessories especially for this season of sharing!



Nothing beats a comfortable ride. This RSJ323 Crew Mesh Jacket is an ideal jacket for traveling especially under the heat of the sun for your summer adventure for the years to come. It features breathable mesh construction that provides comfort for your rides. It also offers incredible protection such us removable padding on shoulder and elbow, back foam padding, and CPS (Chest Protector System) for securely fastening optional chest protector.

Grab your own now!

SIZES: Medium to 3XL
SRP: 5,800 pesos

Ride in style with this SMK Force Helmet! It is a full-face helmet made using thermoplastic and the latest generation materials. It ensures making your ride comfortable yet protected even in extreme weather conditions. It guarantees air intakes on the chin guard, extra-wide visor, internal retractable sun visor, and many more!

Buy now!

SIZES: Small to 2XL
SRP: 3,950 – 4,350 pesos

Mix and match this Oneal Speedmetal Jersey with any pants and create your own unique look! This O’Neal Jersey was designed for maximum comfort and flexibility, making it the go-choice of every avid racer.

Create your own style now!

SIZES: Small to 2XL
SRP: 1,200 pesos


4. PARANI M-10

Connect with Parani M-10 for an easy interaction. Backed by Sena, the M10 ensures a superb audio experience even at high speeds on your motorcycle. It offers a wide variety of features such as listening to your music or even taking phone calls, bluetooth Intercom connects you with up to three other Parani users, with an effective range of up to a half-mile, the headset comes with a built-in LCD screen, giving the user quick visual updates on functions such as battery capacity, FM radio frequency, and volume level.

Enjoy every experience with your fellow riders. Get yours now!

SRP: 3,950 pesos



The OXFORD OC3030 mint helmet care kit guarantees care and maintenance essentials for your motorcycle!

This Helmet care kit includes;

  • Helmet Sanitizer (100ml) which cleans and removes odor and bacteria
  • Anti-fog Spray (50ml) that reduces fogging inside of your visor
  • Helmet Cleaner (50ml) which cleans helmet from dirt, grease and insects
  • Micro Fibre Cloth (30x30cm) that can be used to apply all products included in this kit

Rest assured that it is worth buying as gift. Get yours now!

SRP: 1,200 pesos



Enjoy exploring new places while riding comfortably with RYO RJ02 Jacket! This jacket is made from a polyester fabric and airflow mesh and it features a volume adjustment system on upper arms, sleeves, and waist for rider’s better fit. It is also equipped with removable CE certified shoulder, elbow, and back protectors for solid protection while on the go!

Learn more about this item on:

SIZES: Small to 2XL
SRP: 3,950 pesos


The Metzeler Sportec Street Tires is designed to maximize on-road performance of small to mid-displacement motorcycles and scooters and particularly focused on delivering safe and stable performance in a wet surface.

Grab the chance to enjoy the safety on the road with Sportec Street now!

Front: 70/90-14 M/C – 1,250 pesos
          80/80-14 M/C – 1,500 pesos
          80/90-14 M/C – 1,650 pesos
          90/80-14 M/C – 1,700 pesos
          90/90-14 M/C – 1,850 pesos
          100/80-17 M/C – 2,350 pesos
          110/70-17 M/C – 2,500 pesos

Rear: 80/90-14 M/C – 1,650 pesos
          90/80-14 M/C – 1,700 pesos
          90/80-17 M/C – 1,950 pesos
          90/90-14 M/C – 1,850 pesos
          100/80-14 M/C – 1,950 pesos
          110/80-14 M/C – 2,800 pesos
          130/70-17 M/C – 3,800 pesos
          140/70-17 M/C – 3,950 pesos
          150/60-17 M/C – 4,500 pesos


8. LS2 FF353 RAPID

The LS2 Rapid interprets the basic compromise between high-level protection and easy design. This helmet is molded in HPTT with a mix of ABS giving a total safe structure with a very lightweight, three shells, breath deflector, class “A” visor and quick release perfect for you city ride adventures!

Click this link for more details:

SIZES: Small to 2XL
SRP: 2,600 to 2,950




The Dainese D-Air Smart Jacket is a versatile protective gear that you can wear with any outfit. This Jacket brings Dainese’s MotoGP experience to a standalone airbag vest that you can wear in various situations. Wear it wherever and however you want!

For more details, check

SIZES: Small to 2XL
SRP: 49,500 pesos


The Komine JK-146 Protect Half Mesh Jacket is a jacket with a textile ground from the shoulders to arms and a mesh ground on the front and rear body. Despite of the full protection that it offers on shoulders, elbows, back and chest, it is a lightweight and has an excellent satisfaction with high cost performance perfect for entry level riders!

Get you own JK-146 now!

SIZES: Small to 2XL
SRP: 5,800 pesos


Take the opportunity to give in the season of sharing and don’t forget to also reward yourself! More variety of high-quality products are also on board, you may VISIT and ENJOY shopping anytime, anywhere!

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