Motoworld Adds Belgian Brand Richa to its Moto Apparel Line-up

Motoworld Adds Belgian Brand Richa to its Moto Apparel Line-up - Motoworld Philippines

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When it comes to motorcycle apparel, having the requisite safety ratings sometimes isn’t enough. Styling and comfort also play an important role in its effectiveness because the best riding gear is the one that you will actually wear.

Guided by the motto “Feel safe. Feel good”, motorcycle apparel brand Richa ensures each product adheres to global safety standards without compromising comfort. This way, the rider’s concentration is unhampered, and he is able to become one with his motorcycle and his environment. Only then can one truly experience the ultimate sense of freedom that motorcycling brings.

Founded by Charles Rigaux in 1952, Belgium-based Richa started manufacturing motorcycle leather gloves. On top of that, the company now offers leather motorcycle clothing, motorcycle jackets, pants, boots, and accessories. Richa apparels come with advanced D3O® protectors. D3O® is a design and technology company that makes the world’s best impact protection products. It develops unique, high-performance impact protection technologies that are used by global brands in sports, electronics, motorcycle, defense, and industrial workwear. D3O® uses unique patented and proprietary technologies to make rate-sensitive, soft, flexible materials with high shock absorbing properties that are used in impact protection products.

D3O® complies with European Regulation REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization & restriction of Chemicals). This ensures that materials and products provide a high level of protection of human health and the environment from the use of chemicals.

In 2011, Richa gloves received GORE-TEX® certification, and in 2015 they also acquired a GORE-TEX® license for their motorcycle clothing. Each square inch of the GORE-TEX membrane has nine billion pores. Each of these tiny holes is 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet. However, each one of those billions of pores is also 700 times bigger than a water vapor molecule. This is what makes the material waterproof yet breathable. It keeps rainwater from penetrating but allows perspiration to evaporate.       

Today, Richa is a trusted motorcycle apparel brand for motorcycle riders globally, having a market presence in 40 countries, including the United States. In the Philippines, Richa products are available in MotoMarket and MotoStyle outlets and through the Motoworld Online Shop (




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