Forma is the #1 boot choice for professional and enthusiast riders.

Forma is the #1 boot choice for professional and enthusiast riders. - Motoworld Philippines

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Safety, comfort, and durability are built into every pair.

THE MODERN MOTORCYCLE BOOT   Motorcycle boots are an important part of your riding kit. Modern motorcycles are faster and inspire more confidence, pushing your riding limits. Therefore, your boots need to be protective and offer a high level of comfort and durability. In fact, they need to carry your entire body weight, operate in harsh environments, ride on sharp footpegs, be waterproof, be breathable, be heat resistant, and be your most exposed safety product, ready to absorb any unexpected impacts.

So choose your boots wisely, and only wear boots produced by an established motorcycle boot company.

HISTORY   The Forma brand was launched in 1999 and is now one of the world's largest dedicated moto boot brands. Thanks to its in-house R&D and continuous technical development, Forma has offered an extensive product collection for all riders. Only the highest quality build standards have ensured Forma become a much respected and loved footwear brand in motorcycling.  

Forma is distributed worldwide, and the entire collection is developed in Italy and produced exclusively in Europe. Today Forma is recognized as a hard-working, highly innovative, and safety-focused company. Based in Treviso, Italy, Forma is surrounded by generations of quality shoemakers. Using local skill and craftsmanship, they have elevated the standard of motorcycle boots and made a name as one of the most dynamic boot brands in the world.

Forma's mission is to maintain its solid growth into the future while ensuring quality production with a strong commitment to developing new safety innovations. 

Boot Care   You can care for your boots by cleaning them with a soft brush and mild soapy water. But please refrain from using a pressure washer up close as this will damage the boot stitching and materials and force water and moisture into areas where it is not wanted.

Be careful applying heavy waterproofing products as some waxes can block the stitching lines, which allow the boots to breathe and dry naturally. Any lightweight leather conditioning or waterproofing products are ok to apply from time to time. Oil-based leather products (like Mink oil) are not recommended as they soften the leather too much and can cause bonded soles to separate from the leather

Sharp toenails will cut through the waterproof liner, especially when shifting gears. It's best to replace any threadbare socks and keep your toenails short and filed before riding.

The intense heat from open fires or radiators will damage your boots. Riders who attempt to rapidly dry their boots run the risk of releasing the boot's assembly glue, including the adhesive tape that seals the WP liner. Therefore always dry your boots a good distance from an open fire or radiator, especially if you are drying for an extended period of time.

And it's best not to store your boots in gear bags or high humidity environments. Boots that are not allowed to breathe and dry completely will eventually rot the stitching and plastic components in storage.

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