MOMODESIGN FGTR Heritage - The new capsule celebrating 20 years of the iconic demi-jet

MOMODESIGN FGTR Heritage - The new capsule celebrating 20 years of the iconic demi-jet

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It was back in 2000 when MOMODESIGN designed the FGTR, its first demi-jet helmet, destined to become the most coveted urban helmet, an icon of the time. 20 years have passed since that moment, and to commemorate this important anniversary, MOMODESIGN has created FGTR HERITAGE. This new capsule celebrates the iconic helmet that made the company's history, a symbol of the brand's tradition and evolution. 

It's a symbol of urban style on two wheels, inspired by helicopter helmets, and it has become a phenomenon of costume, a union between MOMODESIGN's past and its present: a restyling of the first four iconic colors that enhance the originality of its design enriching it with a graphic with the inscription Heritage 20 that narrates a contemporary story.

Silver and black, blue and racing yellow are the colors that have made history. The silver and black have stitched edges in tan leather, while the others have black edges with contrasting stitching.

The helmet is offered in different colors. The visor screws are made of brushed steel, while the visor support is created in laser-cut carbon fiber. At the same time, the cheek pads have a more aerodynamic design, completing the overall design, reflecting the vital link between the brand, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and innovation.

20 years have passed, but the FGTR is still at the top, so many people have talked about it that it still stands out in cities all over the world today.

FGTR HERITAGE 20, a helmet that celebrates history and looks at the future.















The outer shell is made in ABS and it's available in two different sizes.

The lower cheek pads (grips) are removable, while the internal padding (inner liner) is fixed and has been made of high sweat absorption fabric and micro-network fabric treatment with silver ions for effective bacteria-static action to increase comfort and hygiene. The outer visor is anti-scratch, UV400 with support made of carbon fiber. The helmet is secured with a micrometric buckle retention system. All MOMODESIGN helmets are made in Italy.   


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