5 Reasons To Use a Top Box

5 Reasons To Use a Top Box

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why use a motorcycle top box

No excuse for not using one!

Installing a motorcycle top box provides more benefits than you can imagine. Reasons range from convenience to comfort to safety.


The main reason is always "convenience". We have broken convenience into different considerations and put together five reasons to consider installing a top box.

1. More storage space

Always getting wet in the rain because there's no space for a rain suit? Need to hold your helmet after you park your bike? Need space for some extra tools? Need space for your riding or daily essentials?

GIVI top box capacity

Get a top box, and all these problems are solved. GIVI offers an exhaustive range of top boxes of different designs and capacities.


2. Store items in safety

There has to be a peace of mind when you carry stuff on your motorcycle. That does not only mean worrying about theft but also losing your belongings. Motorcycles (apart from scooters) usually have only a small space for a tool pouch and piece of cloth but not much else. Carrying everything in a backpack will add weight to your shoulders.

GIVI boxes are equipped with locks that are hard to tamper with unless broken with brute force or take a long time to pick. Thieves are creatures of opportunity, so alerting others or taking a long time does not cut it.

Besides that, GIVI boxes are made so secure that they do not usually open and spill their contents in the unfortunate event of an accident. We saw this firsthand during a number of our adventure group riding.

3. Weatherproof

GIVI's top boxes are weatherproof, meaning that dust and water could not get in. Hence, you could put all your essential items into the box when it rains. Peace of mind? You bet!

4. No need to lug a backpack

You will find that carrying a backpack on your back will be very uncomfortable once you are used to having a top box. 

Carrying a heavy backpack, especially on long journeys, will tire you out. Besides that, it will restrict body movements on the bike when moving and affect your bike's handling.

5. Personal safety

Safety here alludes to keeping you from bodily harm in case of accidents. Carrying a heavy backpack weighs you down and is dangerous in a crash. Leaving all your belongings in a case isolates you from the bike, instead.


Why GIVI top boxes?

GIVI top boxes were designed with the rider's convenience and safety in mind. Besides that, GIVI has a long history of producing the best quality top boxes that are reliable for years and years of service, which means you are making a great investment.

We understand concerns about top cases ruining the bike's design, which is why we carry many different designs.

Another objection we always hear is about the bike's aerodynamics. Truth is, with the rider sitting in front of the case, there is no discernible difference. In any case (no pun intended), each GIVI polymer case is designed to be aerodynamic on the sides and rear. This is also why none of our customers ever complained about motorcycle instability or higher fuel consumption.

Please visit your nearest Motoworld, MotoMarket, MotoStyle, or authorized GIVI Online Store to view the products. 


Credit: GIVI

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