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Make the right choice in gloves. - Motoworld Philippines

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Choosing the right glove for you is not as easy as it seems. Multiple questions befall- what type of motorcycle are your riding? Is it suitable for the current weather? Will it protect you and give comfort at the same time? Is it worth the price? Series of factors, indeed.

Theory says, "the more a glove protects, the less comfortable it is"- and this is our job at FIVE to debunk this and prove that ultra-protective gloves may come with exceptional comfort. Five Advanced Gloves are designed to limit possible injuries and meet the CE Safety Standard for motorcycle gloves.

What does CE Standard for motorcycle gloves mean? The standard defines the precise, replicable framework based on scientific studies of accidentology for the conduct of tests to certify a protective glove for motorcyclists. This standard makes sure that gloves are designed to protect motorcyclists from the external elements without excessively hindering the user's dexterity used in operating the controls and the motorcycle switches.  In addition, the gloves are designed to ensure the mechanical protection of the hands and wrists in case of an accident.

There are two (2) CE performance levels specified for gloves:

  • Level 1: Minimum level ensures effective protection in case of an accident and provides an optimum comfort level for all driving types.
  • Level 2: Designed to ensure elevated performance levels of protection with the type of riding.

There are three (3) different protection category specified for gloves

  • CE - gloves without protective shells
  • CE KP1 - gloves with protective shells that provide an adequate level of protection
  • CE KP2 - gloves with protective shells that provide a superior level of protection.

Beyond the idea of comfort and perfect fit, a FIVE Advanced Gloves often offers so much more than competitors' gloves, if you truly look at the details. It's not necessarily obvious when you purchase them, but this makes a huge difference when you wear and use them in terms of comfort, the level of protection, and durability. When you compare the materials that makeup FIVE gloves from the rest of what's out there on the market, you'll see that, compared to products that are "supposedly comparable" (in terms of price, for example), FIVE frequently offers so much more. From authentic, full-grain leather, when competitors are offering synthetic leather…to real Carbon, when others only offer basic plastic with a carbon look…to Kevlar lining when other manufacturers offer no reinforced lining. And then, there's the external stitching, which offers greater comfort but is harder to make, as opposed to standard seams, etc. Our motto: offering the best possible product at the best possible price. The qualities of a FIVE glove can truly be appreciated once it's worn, even more than in-shop.

We, FIVE, aims to offer the widest possible selection of glove to make every rider choose the best glove they deserve. FIVE Advanced Gloves are available at any Motoworld, MotoStyle, and MotoMarket stores nationwide. You can also shop online at

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