How to discern authentic Komine products from counterfeited?

How to discern authentic Komine products from counterfeited? - Motoworld Philippines

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KOMINE is a premium riding gear brand from Japan. With over 60 years of making quality protective gear for improved rider safety, it is undeniable that many choose KOMINE to be their riding companion. But in recent years, counterfeit  KOMINE products have resurfaced and are being distributed throughout some parts of the world. With this, one must look over the important features that only authentic KOMINE products have.

You can discern authentic KOMINE products from the counterfeit using the forgery prevention label, which you can only see on the authentic KOMINE products. It is a patented 4D special hologram technology label that Komine has attached to their gear since 2014. The word “OK” should appear on your mobile screen when you take a picture of the brands label as a sign of the product’s authenticity.  

Counterfeit products might be inexpensive compared to authentic gears, but they cannot guarantee your protection. Authentic KOMINE products offer safety and comfort proven through tests based on the highest quality standards and combine up-to-date designs. When it comes to your safety, always opt for quality over anything as it really pays to have the proper riding gear. 

Since 2004, Mworld Trading has been the only official distributor of KOMINE products in the Philippines. Authentic KOMINE products are available in Official Dealers Motoworld, MotoMarket, and MotoStyle stores nationwide. And in the following online stores of Motoworld.





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