The SENA R1 EVO Smart Communications Cycling helmet receives the prestigious 2021 German Design Award

The SENA R1 EVO Smart Communications Cycling helmet receives the prestigious 2021 German Design Award

Ianna Dante |

COLOGNE, Germany (March 10, 2021) — Sena Technologies, Inc. the global leader in Bluetooth® communication solutions for Powersports and outdoor sports, wins with its R1 EVO Road Cycling Helmet the esteemed Award for “Excellent Product Design” of the 2021 German Design Award.


The recognition is given by the German Design Council for the excellence achieved in product design and technological innovation applied to the cycling scene. Sena, founded in 1998, is a technology company that is taking its proven innovations in top-of-the-line communication technology from the motorcycle industry to the bicycle sector with a whole range of innovative products with the aim of enhancing the riding experience.

The R1 EVO is a unique cycling helmet with an integrated Mesh 2.0 Intercom™ communication system, that allows it to connect with a virtually unlimited number of users and to communicate hands-free from helmet to helmet within a range of a half-mile (900 meters). The helmet also supports 9 channels with its Multi-Channel Open Mesh Mode, to switch between different frequencies and to talk to different groups of riders. In addition to the intercom communication function R1 EVO can be connected via bluetooth to a smartphone to enjoy many other features such as listening to music, receiving feedback from fitness apps, and receiving calls.  The helmet is also equipped with an integrated FM radio and a built-in Tail Light with three different brightness settings. Lastly, voice commands allow you to have all functions under control without taking your hands off the handlebars and voice prompts will give you feedback about the active functions.

Two angles of the R1 EVO

“Combining communication and safety in an advanced, stylish helmet for cyclists, the Sena R1 EVO impresses with modern features and user-friendliness,” noted the statement from the Design Council’s jury. “Simple-to-find manual controls are enhanced with voice-controlled technologies, while the inclusion of a rear light enhances the rider's safety.”

Learn more about the R1 EVO and Sena’s full range of cycling products here.


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